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Social Event

Neotropical Chapter Social Mixer

Monday, July 11, 6:30PM

Room 201

The ATBC Neotropical Chapter was officially launched at the 2017 ATBC meeting in Mérida, Mexico. Since its launch the ATBC Neotropical Chapter has led a number of activities and events at different global ATBC meetings while also holding online activities such as webinars and workshops. The Neotropical Chapter is playing a central organizing role in the current global ATBC meeting in Cartegena. In this social mixer we will provide a brief overview of the accomplishments of the Neotropical Chapter since its inception, and announce upcoming plans and changes to its leadership. The event will also provide an opportunity for Neotropical scientists to convene and socialize at an informal session. We welcome all interested participants to come to the mixer and bring your ideas with you!


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