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Submissions are now closed

The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of the ATBC2022 is pleased to invite the submission of proposals for workshops and field courses.

We welcome proposals from any topic related to tropical biology and conservation. Workshop proposals relating to the meeting's theme “Conserving Tropical Biodiversity and Achieving Socio-ecological Resilience in the Anthropocene: Opportunities and Challenges” are especially welcome. Multi or transdisciplinary proposals that go beyond traditional boundaries (e.g., workshops integrating art and science, or integrating social sciences and biology) are greatly encouraged.​


The deadline for submissions is March 31ˢᵗ, 2022. Organizers will be notified of the Committee's decision by May 1ˢᵗ, 2022.


All proposals must be submitted here using the ATBC user profile or creating a new profile in the case of first-time users. 

The workshop or field course proposal must include:

  • Title (maximum 15 words)

  • Lead organizer name, institution and e-mail

  • Co-organizer(s), if any (name, institution, and email for each)

  • A description of the workshop or field course (maximum 400 words)

  • Summary sentence (it will be included in the registration website and the program; 50 words max.)

  • Minimum and maximum number of participants

  • Public/private 

  • Proposed schedule

  • Funding

  • Logistic requests (food and beverage, and equipment needs)

Session and Presentation Rules 

The workshop or field course lead organizer will be the main point of contact and will be requested to make decisions regarding the session during planning. Please be prepared to answer requests from the LOC in a timely manner. Workshop or field course organizers may propose multiple linked sessions. Each session should be submitted separately, and it should be made clear which other proposals are linked to it, as well as the sequence of events.

Note that the One Presentation Rule does not apply to workshops or field courses. Anyone presenting in a workshop or field course may also present in a scientific session (symposia, oral or poster sessions).


Scheduling Requests

The LOC will consider the requested day and time during session scheduling but may not be able to honor all requests. Accepted sessions will be scheduled to minimize topic overlap and as meeting space and logistics allow. Scheduling will be emailed to session organizers in late May for review. If organizers are unable to work with any scheduled changes, please inform the LOC immediately.

In the case of field courses, ATBC2022 Local Organizing Committee can only support field courses that happen before the meeting. No field courses can be offered during the meeting dates except on the morning of Sunday, July 10th.

In the case of workshops, proposed time slots are:

  • Saturday July 9th – Morning (4 hours)

  • Saturday July 9th – Afternoon (4 hours)

  • Sunday July 10th – Morning (4 hours)

  • Sunday July 10th – Afternoon, Shorter (3 hours)

  • Monday July 11th- Lunchbreak (1:30 hrs)

  • Tuesday 12th- Lunchbreak (1:30 hrs)

  • Wednesday 13th- Lunchbreak (1:30 hrs)

  • Thursday 14th- Lunchbreak (1:30 hrs)

Meeting Registration and Workshop/Field Course Fees

Public workshops and field courses are open to all meeting attendees on a first-come, first-served basis. Workshops and field courses will require an advance signup fee payable through the meeting registration form. 


All workshops held during lunchtime will be free to ATBC attendees unless there are special requests such as food, refreshments, or special equipment. Advanced sign-up will be provided on the meeting registration page. Meeting attendees may choose to participate in any free lunchtime workshop without advance notice, but priority will be given to attendees that have pre-registered.

Maximum and Minimum Number of Participants

All workshop and field course proposals must indicate a minimum and maximum number of participants (not counting organizers and co-organizers), in order to help with logistics and to be financially viable. The LOC will coordinate with the organizers to determine the possible range of participant numbers.

If the minimum number of participants is not met by early June, the workshop or field course will be cancelled. This decision will be communicated to the session organizer, so it is critical that we have appropriate contact information with the lead organizer around that time. No refunds will be possible if a workshop or field course is cancelled after early-June.



ATBC typically does not have funds to pay for workshops or field courses and, if applicable, we will charge a fee to the attendees to cover the costs of organizing the workshop or field course. These costs will be included as an optional payment in the registration page.

Other Important Information

Acceptance of your proposal does not obligate ATBC beyond providing basic logistical support and including the workshop or field course in the program and registration page. In the case of complex field courses or workshops, the LOC will consult the organizers in order to make arrangements with local logistics companies. We stress especially that no ATBC funds are available for waived or reduced meeting registration fees, honoraria, refreshments, special A/V needs, transportation in Cartagena, or travel expenses for workshop organizers or participants. All people attending workshops that take place during the meeting (e.g., lunchbreaks) must be registered for the ATBC2022 meeting at the one day or full week rate. Organizers are responsible for making this clear to anyone they recruit to help with the session.


Evaluation Process and Criteria

Proposals for workshops and field courses are reviewed by the LOC in consultation with the Scientific Committee. Proposals may be from any area of science related to tropical biology, conservation or the meeting theme “Conserving Tropical Biodiversity and Achieving Socio-ecological Resilience in the Anthropocene: Opportunities and Challenges”. We also welcome proposals that explore novel connections with other areas such as education, art, or journalism.

The primary criteria for acceptance include scientific merit and/or possible interest by meeting attendees, and a clearly written and compelling description. Limits of space and time may make it impossible to accommodate all worthy submissions. The LOC has final authority accepting and scheduling any proposed workshop and field courses but will consult with organizers to try and find a mutually acceptable time for both parties.


Proposal Acceptance

All organizers will be notified of acceptance decisions by May 1st. At that time, organizers will be provided with instructions to begin preparing the session. Finalized information for all accepted workshops and field courses will be available when registration opens.


Cancellation Policy

Once a workshop or field course has been accepted and is listed online, cancellation imposes a serious burden. Do not submit a proposal if you are uncertain that you will be able to fulfill your obligation to organize and conduct the session.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Organizing Committee via email ( with any questions or concerns.


We look forward to seeing you at the ATBC 2022 Annual Meeting! 

The ATBC2022 Organizing Committee 

Call for Workshops and Field Courses

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