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Trans-disciplinary Approaches to Biodiversity Science

Biotic Interactions in the Face of Global Change

Structure and Function of Tropical Ecosystems: 

Challenges and Opportunities

Restoration Ecology: Current Status and Next Steps

Climate Change: Adaptation and Mitigation

Planetary Goals and the Sustainable use of Natural Resources

Human Dimensions to Biodiversity Science

Paths Towards Constructing a Sustainable Future for the Tropics

Tropical Ecology and Conservation in an Interconnected World: Implications for How we Practice and Teach Science

Tropical Ecology in the Age of Extreme Events and Societal Upheavals

Conserving Tropical Biodiversity and Achieving Socio-Ecological Resilience in the Anthropocene:​

Opportunities and Challenges

We hope to approach challenges of tropical diversity conservation and restoration in the Anthropocene. This will include addressing the role of social actors and institutions as drivers of change, the need to redefine economic success, the impact of human population growth, urbanization, agriculture and conservation of tropical agro-biodiversity. We also hope to share experiences from Colombia that could be relevant to other parts of the tropics, such as conflict and post-conflict scenarios and the threats to conservation posed by illicit crops. Finally, we would like to address strategies to persuade policy makers to prioritize a sustainable use of tropical ecosystems and biodiversity.

Meeting theme

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