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Emerging approaches for biodiversity monitoring in tropical environments


Emerging approaches for biodiversity monitoring in tropical environments

Wed, July 13, 10:30 - 12:30hrs, Room: Barahona 2


Jerome Chave, Mailyn Gonzalez

Large scale monitoring of biodiversity using eDNA-based methods can capture the high diversity associated with tropical habitats, and demonstrate potential environmental threats in terrestrial, riverine and marine systems.

Tropical ecosystems face unprecedented threats from modified land use and climate change. The monitoring of biodiversity is time consuming, and wholly dependent on dwindling taxonomic expertise. Because of these limitations, biodiversity continues to be neglected by policy and legal frameworks, and this challenge is most acute in the tropics. Emerging technologies can address these knowledge shortfalls and limitations with objective, verifiable and reproducible data. In this symposium, we will explore how the innovative use of environmental DNA, and other technology are poised to revolutionize the monitoring of biodiversity in tropical environments. We will also address the data challenges posed by these new approaches.

Advances and prospects of eDNA in neotropical rainforests
Lucie Zinger*, Julian Donald, Amaia Iribar-Pelozuelo, Jerome Murienne, Heidy Schimann and Jerome Chave

Soil eDNA reveals changes in biodiversity along ecological gradients in endangered tropical ecosystems
Mailyn Gonzalez*, Henry Arenas-Castro, Julian Donald, Johan Pansu, Lucie Zinger, Elkin Tenorio, Amaia Iribar-Pelozuelo, Roy Gonzalez-M., Nathalie Baena-Bejarano, Heidy Schimann, Paola Montoya, Susana Rodríguez-Buritica, Natalia Norden and Jerome Chave

Advances in freshwater environmental DNA in Nothern Amazonia promote the implementation of regional and muti-taxa ecological studies
Opale Coutant*, Jerome Murienne and Sébastien Brosse

eDNA of frogs in aquatic and soil ecosystems
Carla Lopes*, Délio Baêta, Juliane Monteiro, Mariana Lyra, Ariadne Sabbag, Thais Sasso, Agustín Vanzetti, Marcus Santos, Anthony Chariton, Kelly Zamudio and Célio Haddad

Wanted not, wasted not: Searching for non-target taxa in environmental DNA metabarcoding by-catch
Camila Duarte Ritter*

Advances in near-range sensing in tropical biodiversity monitoring
Jerome Chave*


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