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Participants will visit the collection of more than 300 plant species of the Colombian Caribbean that the Botanical Garden of Cartagena “Guillermo Piñeres” houses.

With a total area of 9 hectares, divided into 5 ha of planted collections and 4 ha of natural forest, the Cartagena’s Botanical Garden is one of the most important and interesting ecological attractions of the Caribbean region. It lies around 100 meters above sea level and has an average annual rainfall of 232 mm. It is a wonderful place to contemplate, relax and to get into close contact with the natural wonders of the Colombian Caribbean.
Just 30 minutes from the center of Cartagena, the Botanical Garden houses a collection of more than 300 plant species of the Caribbean zone and additional weird ornamental plants from other tropical regions of the world. It also hosts one of the few virgin native forests in the region and is thus an important resource for restauration of native Caribbean forests. The participants of this field trip will have the opportunity to visit this place, unique in the region, and learn about its history and mission.


Field Trip

Cartagena Botanical Garden

  • Saturday July 9th- Afternoon (4h, 1:00pm-5:00pm)

ATBC2022 Organizing Committee

USD 35



Maximum number of participants



Cartagena Botanical Garden

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