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Communicating conservation science

The workshop will (1) help scientists build communication skills to increase the likelihood of attracting media coverage of their work and (2) help journalists improve their coverage of conservation issues. At the end of the workshop, we'll bring journalists and scientists together so they can connect directly.

Scientists often struggle to communicate their work to journalsts and the general public, while journalists commonly lack a good understanding of conservation science and associated issues. To help bridge this gap, we're proposing a three-part workshop: (1) one part would be a training session for scientists on how to communicate with media; (2) another part would be for journalists on how to cover conservation science; (30 and the third part would bring the two groups together and do "speed-dating" session or some other activity over drinks, so journalists can connect directly with conservation scientists. We expect this workshop to improve journalists' coverage of conservation science and scientists' ability to get their work covered by the media. This workshop would be relevant to ATBC attendees because it would boost their communication skills and confort in interacting with journalists.


Communicating conservation science

Sunday July 10th-Afternoon (3h, 1:00pm-4:00pm)

Rhett Butler




Maximum number of participants



Cartagena Convention Center, Room 302A

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