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Beyond a tribute to ATBC´s Honorary Fellow Thomas Lovejoy

Revisiting the career of the great scientist Thomas Lovejoy: Tribute, History, and Inspiration.

Thomas Lovejoy passed away the last Christmas day. He dedicated his long career to science, conservation, public politics for the environment, and building up capacities among young scientists. Most of his activities, since the beginning, were deeply associated with the tropical world, especially in Amazonia. The workshop's goal goes beyond a merited tribute to his life. Still, it intends to present the various aspects of his contribution to science and conservation in the last 60 years, especially to the young generation of scientists. Worthing explains that it is a multi-aspect contribution: 1) to the improvement of science; 2) to the contributions related to the general politics for the environment; 3) to the vision of the future related to the creation of the Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragment Project (BDFFP), a landscape experiment to understand the consequences of forest fragmentation in Central Amazonia and 4) the impact of such long-term initiative in the formation of generations of the young scientists. We intend to show how the vision, commitment, and dedication can go beyond the direct and momentaneous impact. His vision went beyond replicating and amplifying the impact through the diffusion of scientific knowledge made by a research group and, even better, as the generations formed over the decades generate more impacts.


Beyond a tribute to ATBC´s Honorary Fellow Thomas Lovejoy

Tuesday July 12th – Lunchbreak

Jose Camargo




Maximum number of participants



Cartagena Convention Center, Room 201

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