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The Cascoland Lab&Kitchen Project

A mobile installation, participative restaurant and cooking debate as a tool to connect and network. Promoting trans-disciplinary approaches to food production, sustainable farming, forest restoration and conservation.

The Cascoland Lab&Kitchen is an ongoing mobile and on-site project that brings farmers, scientists, creatives and chefs together around a kitchen table to connect, exchange knowledge and implement new trans-disciplinary solutions to farming. It is a test ground for ideas that conciliate land restoration, conservation, food production and better livelihood in farming communities. This proposal is an interdisciplinary response to the lack of connection between disciplines that are key towards sustainable food futures and landscape restoration in cities and rural environments. Participants will encounter an itinerant installation that intends to connect with scientists, farmers, creatives and chefs in site specific locations, around the theme of sustainable food production systems. The Mobile installation is a temporary space where science, farming practices, culinary practices and creative practices, can meet towards possible multidisciplinary collaborations. These interventions create a network and bridge multi-stakeholder communities in countryside and urban locations in need of new insights on farming, food production and forest restoration.


The Cascoland Lab&Kitchen Project

New dates!! Tuesday July 12th & Thursday July 14th

Anna Koi and Fiona de Bell


30 for each session


Maximum number of participants



Cartagena Convention Center, Room TBA

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