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Social Activities

Wed, July 21, 15:30 hrs (UTC±00:00)

Thu, July 22, 15:20 hrs (UTC±00:00)

Fri, July 23, 15:30 hrs (UTC±00:00)

Short Movies

In these sessions we highlight videos submitted to the first ATBC Movie Contest on “Success Stories in Tropical Biology and Conservation,” an initiative co-organized with Mongabay and the BAND Foundation. These videos showcase work conducted by Tropical Biologists and Conservationists around the World aiming to restore our natural habitats, prevent biodiversity loss, and protect tropical ecosystems.

When Forests Heal

Director: Trina Noonan

Birds in Caldas

Director: Daniel Ocampo

Community-Based Management of Giant Arapaima

Director: João Vitor Campos-Silva

The Inga Tree Model

Director: Lorraine Potter

Fri, July 23, 15:30 hrs (UTC±00:00)

Growing a Rainforest Community 

Director: Alejandro T. Garcia

May They Never Stop Singing

Director: Michelle Castellanos

The Armadillo's Goal

Director: Felipe Melo

Primate Conservation: A Community Effort in Mexico

Director: Jorge Ramos Luna

Saving Endangered Sea Turtles

Director: Ariful Islam

Thu, July 22, 15:20 hrs (UTC±00:00)

Biodiversity in the Lands of the Ingariko

Director: Alejandro T. Garcia

Mamoní Valley Preserve Natural History Project

Director: Benjamin Goulet-Scott

The Mauritian Flying Fox

Director: Vashist Seegobin

Tree, Trunks and Traits - Why Does it Matter?

Director: Marcelo Tomé Kubo & Augusto Giaretta

The Fate of Megafaunal Plants on Madagascar

Director: Renske E. Onstein

Wed, July 21, 15:30 hrs (UTC±00:00)


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