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Social Event

Progressing towards the conservation of the great diversity of birds life in Colombia: Developing the National Bird Conservation Strategy 2021-2030.

Monday, July 11, 6:30PM


Colombia is considered "the country of birds" with an estimated 1,954 species, at least 83 endemic and 193 near-endemic. We are presenting today the ENCA, the National Bird Conservation Strategy for Colombia. Through the development and implementation of the ENCA, we seek to develop a strong policy framework, supported by science, to help integrate birds into public policies and connect conservation actions with national and international initiatives in the long term. This is the second Strategy in Colombia, a revised and updated version done 20 years after the initial effort. The ENCA was developed as a collaborative effort, through a process led by the Colombian Birdwatchers’ Network (RNOA), the Humboldt Institute and National Audubon Society. It was built through a participatory, inclusive, and comprehensive process in which more than 800 people from different sectors (public, private, NGOs, academia, local and indigenous communities) and regions of the country participated. The challenge for the ENCA moving forward will be to identify how to achieve the conservation goals, increase ecosystem resilience and human well-being. From this revised framework we seek to learn from the different experiences and criteria, which supported by science, can influence government actions at the national and regional levels.


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