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Magnoliaceae was chosen as a priority family in Colombia to implement the National Strategy for plant conservation according to the following principles: a) research, monitoring, and information management; b) conservation in situ and ex situ; c) management and use of plants; d) public awareness and education; e) cooperation among institutions. In 2001, Medellin Botanical Garden, supported by governmental organizations, started to follow the principles of the national strategy at regional level through the search of trees and populations of Magnolia species in several municipalities from Antioquia province. At national level, information from herbaria and research institutions of several cities around the country, like Humboldt institute, National University of Colombia and the institute for the conservation and research of Valle del Cauca province -INCIVA, was gathered. From 2001 to 2005, 14 species were recorded in Antioquia province, including two new species. Since then, several people and national institutions as the Tecnológico de Antioquia and Salvamontes Colombia, have joined to work on Colombian Magnolias. Now, Colombia is the first country with most Magnolia species in South America with over 40 species, some of them in the description process. In addition, private institutions have contributed to the acquisition of land for the establishment of natural reserves for the conservation of magnolias in situ. Lately, several projects have been supported by international organizations such as BGCI and the Fanklinia Foundation, enhancing several conservation and research efforts of this highly threatened group. Despite the gathered knowledge gathered so far, it is imperative to keep working on the study and conservation of these species, most of them with very small populations and high level of endemism. That is why institutions such as Medellin Botanical Garden, Salvamontes Colombia and Tecnologico de Antioquia are joined to the Global Conservation Consortium of Magnolias.


Magnoliaceae, Conservation, species assessments, endangered species, consotia

Alvaro Cogollo, Marcela Serna González

Presentation within symposium:

S-11 Conserving the world’s macroflora – from tree Red List assessments to tree conservation in action

Conservation of Magnoliaceae in Colombia – a successful case study of national and international cooperation


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