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Tropical forest responses to large-scale experiment nutrient additions across scales


Tropical forest responses to large-scale experiment nutrient additions across scales

Mon, July 11, 10:30 - 12:30hrs, Room Barahona 1


Kelly Andersen, Lucia Fuchslueger, Laëtitia Brechet

Compare responses of different tropical forest ecosystems to large-scale nutrient additions with the aim of providing a framework of how nutrient availability shapes ecosystem processes, such as carbon and nutrient cycling, plant productivity, how it influences plant community assemblies and their functional traits and species co-existence.

Tropical forests are one of the most biodiverse and productive ecosystems in the world, yet, many tropical forests are found on highly weathered soils that are particularly low in rock-derived nutrients such as phosphorus and cations. Large-scale nutrient addition experiments are a direct and powerful approach that ecologists can use to understand how tropical forests can support high levels of diversity and productivity. In this symposium, we bring together key members of ongoing large-scale nutrient addition experiments across tropical forest ecosystems with the aim to strengthen the network of researchers among the independent experiments. The first half of the symposium will summarize key findings and new results of the independent experiments by leading researchers and the second half the symposium will feature specific research projects lead by early career researchers within the experiments. Together, these two sessions will provide new insights from ongoing research to gain a better understanding of the role of nutrient availability over various aspects of tropical forest dynamics and their resilience to the multiple drivers of global change they are facing.

Ecological responses to 12 years of fertilization in a lowland wet forest in Costa Rica
Andrea Vincent*, David Mattey-Trigueros, Cristofer Coto-López, Ashley Wojciechowski, Meghan Midgley, Carlos Sandí Chinchilla, Gerardo Avalos, Richard Condit and Silvia Alvarez-Clare

Nitrogen and potassium regulate ecosystem net primary production in a Ugandan tropical forest
Oliver van Straaten* and Raphael Manu

Changes in tree functional composition and diameter growth as a response to long-term nutrient addition in the Ecuadorian Andes (NUMEX)
Juergen Homeier*, Laura Wuerzberg, Thilo Reng and Selene Báez

Differential nutrient limitation of early growth in N-fixing Legumes and non-Legumes in tropical dry forest
Viviana Londoño-Lemos*, Bonnie Waring, Daniel Pérez‐Aviles and Jennifer Powers

Phosphorus additions increase microbial phosphorus accumulation and carbon turnover in tropical soils in French Guiana
Lucia Fuchslueger*, Christian Ranits, Laynara Lugli, Pere Roc Fernandez, Helena Vallicrosa, Leandro Van Langenhove, Lore Verryckt, Irene Ramirez-Rojas, Laëtitia Brechet, Elodie Courtois, Clément Stahl, Dolores Asensio, Joan Llusia, Alberto Canarini, Victoria Martin, Erik Verbruggen, Josep Peñuelas, Andreas Richter and Ivan Janssens

Experimental evidence for nutrient limitation on autotrophic and heterotrophic respiration in a Central Amazon Forest
Hellen Fernanda Cunha*, Kelly Andersen, Flávia Santana, Laynara Lugli, Sabrina Garcia, izabela aleixo, Jéssica Schmeisk Rosa, Rafael Assis, Raffaello di Ponzio, Gyovanni Ribeiro, Anna Carolina Moraes, Lara Siebert, Bruno Portela, Lina Mercado, Iain Hartley and Carlos Quesada

Canopy treelets are more sensible to nutrient addition than understory specialists species in the understory of a tropical heath forest.
Giacomo Sellan*, Rolando Robert, Noreen Majalap , Jill Thompson and Francis Brearley


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