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Social Activities

Wed, July 21, 17:15 hrs (UTC±00:00)

Enhance Your Communication With Creative Photography


I am a biologist with focus on floodplain forest ecology. I try to understand forest regeneration, adaptations and plant-animal interactions in Amazonian freshwater wetlands. I am also a photographer and book author. I always carry my camera with me since I was a child and have written several books on photography soft skills. I am a member of Collectif Photon Nice, France,  and the secretary of the Antibes Photo Club, France. I am a judge for the "Fédération Photographique de France" and the "Heidelberger Sommerschule der Fotografie". I exposed my photos in many countries, I give workshops and online talks. For more information:


I am an ecologist with a special interest in plant-animal interactions. I am keen on understanding the evolutionary histories of plant-animal relationships and linking it to future conservation pathways. I also have a passion for encouraging sustainable development and poverty reduction in developing countries. Being a lover of animal behaviour, I have a profound interest in capturing wildlife observations in still photographs. While I constantly seek to improve my photography skills, I have learned how to appreciate wonderful photographic artwork. I believe that photography is about the person taking the shots than the equipment, and a good photograph can summarise one’s scientific and artistic work.

As scientists, we need to communicate the results, relevance, and implications of what we do in a regular basis. Indeed, we constantly communicate our science through graphs, papers, and presentations. Despite our extensive efforts to communicate, we end up mostly reaching other scientists through those means. Photography speaks a different language, opening new doors to communicate science to a much broader audience through a visual language. This session aims to bring together anyone interested in photography and to explore creative ways through which we can best use this tool for science communication. Please join us in this exciting session and discussion!


We encourage you to contribute to this session ahead of time by sending a photo that represents a project, question, or theme of your interest. A good picture speaks to the people who look at it and transmit the energy and power you put into it. In case you are able to share a photo, please send it to Pia Parolin < > and Biplang Yadok <> by July 15th, 2021. We will select some photos from the submitted images for discussion during the workshop. In case your photo is selected, we will notify you ahead of time so you can be prepared to present your photo and associated idea during the virtual meeting. We will then work as group analysing what we see and brainstorming about best practices and ways to make sure that the message reaches others.


Proposed session schedule:

- Introductions (10 minutes)

- Presentation about photography, creativity, and science communication (20 min)

- Discussion about photography using participant’s photos (30 min)

- Discuss the idea of creating an ATBC Thematic Section on Photography (10 min)

- Wrap-up, final comments, and remarks (10 min)

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