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Session types

We all are part of the ATBC 2022!


Panel Discussions

  • Discussions around key conference topics

  • 4 speakers per session 


Keynote Lectures

  • Discussions around key conference topics

  • 1 speaker per session 

  • The goal is to introduce hot topics that are currently not fully covered by the ATBC


  • 6 speakers per session (x min of presentations and x of discussion)

  • Encourage synthesis papers

Lightning / Poster Contributions

  • Open call

  • Sessions will combine posters on related topics

  • Gentry Award for the best Student Poster

Video Contributions

  • Open call

  • To be presented at the website of the meeting and at different moments along the meeting

  • ATBC Video Contest: Success Stories in Tropical Biology & Conservation

Social Activities

  • Trivia nights

  • Games

  • Scientific café

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