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This Mangrove Route is an exotic lever canoe tour through the mangrove swamps of the Ciénaga de la Virgen

Recommended for nature lovers, this tour rescues an old route from the 17th century. Through canals and natural tunnels, such as the tunnel of love, the tunnel of silence, the tunnel of friendship where participants will see fish in their natural habitat, birds, different kinds of crabs, raccoons and green parrots.

The perfect word for this route is PEACE, since participants can enjoy nature and fresh air, 0% noise pollution where you can relax, not far away from the city of Cartagena."


Field Trip

La Boquilla Mangrove

  • Saturday July 9th- (7:00am-2:30pm), or 

  • Friday July 15th-  (7:00am-2:30pm)

ATBC2022 Organizing Committee

USD 57



Maximum number of participants



La Boquilla

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